Cardiac Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Cardiology Support Group

We are your Friends

We will be there for you after your heart problem or surgery, to uplift and support you and help turn your life around with good sound advice from those who have gone before you.

We are a Global Team

We are an online community with members from around the world, dedicated and determined to removing Heart Disease from this planet once and for all.

We are Champions

We love life and celebrate it through our sports and athletics raising money for heart charities and have a blast in the process. Find out more about the charities we support

We save Lives

Your generous donations pay for baby heart monitors, AED defibs for sports clubs & heart screening of young athletes. Read more about The CA Trust Fund

"Heart Disease made
a fatal mistake... left some survivors!"

As more & more of these survivors come back fitter & stronger, they are now seeking their revenge on Heart Disease as...