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Training Heart Rate Calculator (%HHR Calculator)

The best and safest way to discover your maximal heart rate is to have a Graded Exercise Test (GXT) in a hospital setting where your ECG and blood pressure is monitored throughout the test by medical professionals.

Use this THR calculator (Heart Rate Reserve/Karvonen method) if you:

  • Know your average daily Resting Heart Rate
  • Know your actual maximal Exercise Heart Rate
    (before the onset of angina or ECG ST/T segment changes on a GXT)

If you have a pacemaker

  • Enter your 'base rate' as your Resting Heart Rate (but not your Hysteresis rate)
  • Enter your Upper Tracking Rate or Upper Pacing Rate as your Maximum Heart Rate.

  BPM %HRR    
Enter Your Resting Heart Rate: 0 %
Enter Your Upper Heart Rate: 100 %
Heart Rate Reserve    
BPM per RPE      
  %HRR BPM RPE Description
Anaerobic Zone 100 10 Very, very hard
  90 9  
Training / Conditioning Zone 80 8  
  70 7 Very hard
  60 6  
Aerobic Zone 50 5 Hard
  40 4 Somewhat hard
  30 3 Moderate
  20 2 Light
  10 1 Very light
  0 0 Nothing

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