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Beating Heart Disease Around The World
Lars Andrews ( Editor ), Multiple Patient Authors, Dr Andre la Gerche ( Forward )

Cardiac Athletes Book

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Length:          Approx 350 pages

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Finally this long awaited book makes it into print. The fascinating stories of seventeen members of a rapidly growing global community called 'Cardiac Athletes' detailing their harrowing and brave recoveries from being first diagnosed with life threatening heart disease, through their different surgeries, through painful rehabilitation and finally making amazing full recoveries and transitions to world champion athletes in their own rights.

These stories will uplift and inspire you. They will make you laugh and they will make you cry. They will also make you outraged and want to help change the present situation for anyone struck down with a heart condition.

Have you had a cardiac screening? Do you know your own risk of SCD – Sudden Cardiac Death is? Do you have adequate health insurance cover? Should all pre-secondary school children be heart screened as they are in Italy before they can take to the competitive sports field or do you feel this will stigmatise them for the rest of their live ? Why is it that more and more endurance athletes are having to retire early because of heart and related respiratory conditions? Attempts to answer many of these interesting modern day questions are made throughout the pages of this Pioneering book by the writers and by widely respected world leader in Sports Cardiology, Dr Andre La Gerche.

This is the ideal book to read for a long haul flight and for anyone interested in having a fit and healthy heart.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the CA Trust Fund which in turn pays for Defibs for sports clubs, heart screening projects, paediatric cardiology equipment, and much more in our fight to erase heart disease from our planet.