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Heart Rate Calculators

You will find here a growing number of useful cardiac tools, at present there are three calculators you are welcome to use and print out for use in your continued cardiac rehab training.

Please click on the relevent title to take you to the calculator.

Training Heart Rate Calculator (%HHR Calculator)

The best and safest way to discover your maximal heart rate is to have a Graded Exercise Test (GXT) in a hospital setting where your ECG and blood pressure is monitored throughout the test by medical professionals.

%Maximal Heart Rate Calculator

This calculator tests the findings of Robergs and Landwehr (2002). Using age to predict Maximal Heart Rate you will be able to compare your actual "real-life" Maximal Heart Rate against the formulae of various researchers.

%1 Repetition Maximum Calculator

This calculator will test the recommendations of Vescovi, Fernhall, Sparling and the ACSM.