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Cardiac Athletes is here to provide a platform for those who have suffered from heart attacks, those who have pacemakers, those with loved ones who have had a heart attack, and anyone generally interested in the subject, and how to help prevent more deaths because of heart attacks. Because of the wide range of people and areas we cover, almost any question you can think of on the subject can be answered. That's why we think we are one of the best websites out there! Don't just take our work for it though - read below what others think.

"When I finally discovered this site, I wish I had found it sooner"

(Los Angeles, USA)

"Like many, I 'lurked' the site for a few weeks before joining ... should have joined the first day!"

(Tennessee, USA)

"All people with cardiac histories who want active lifestyles will find support, encouragement, motivation and friendship here at Cardiac Athletes"

(Wisconsin, USA)

"It's a hugely inspiring forum to see what others are achieving,sometimes despite somewhat pessimistic medical predictions"

(Scotland, UK)

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Lars Andrews
(Founder, CEO and Editor of Cardiac Athletes)

"I am a poster and browser of quite a number of internet forums related to hearts, fitness, training, etc, and can say with honesty that this is by far the best!"

(Cornwall, UK)

"There are knowledgeable people on this site and there are nice people on this site but the vast majority are both!"

(Florida, USA)

"Our goal is to help one another in our exercise, nutrition, cardiac health, and just overall life"

(Ontario, Canada)

"I'm quite certain that being part of this forum helped considerably with my recovery after my CABG operation"

Robert H
(Lincolnshire, UK)

"This site has helped my family and I in so many ways it would take thousands of words to describe. Thanks"

Tony J
(Queensland, Australia)

"It doesn't matter if you were active or inactive before your cardiac issues developed, for most people it is a 'wake up' call and a catalyst for some changes in one's lifestyle"

Brian H
(Hampshire, UK)

"How many others can honestly say to you ... 'I know how you feel' ...we know exactly how you feel!"

(North Carolina, USA)

"After having my pacemaker fitted I wondered if I would get back to playing badminton at my previous standard. Found the answer immediately"

(Shropshire, USA)

"So what are you waiting for? Come on in... "

(Pennsylvania, USA)

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Lars Andrews
(Founder, CEO and Editor of Cardiac Athletes)